Monday, 16 February 2009

Better Late Than Never? 2009 Budget Date Announced

Alistair Darling has finally announced the date for the 2009 Budget Statement.
Scheduled for 22 April 2009, this makes it the latest budget statement since labour came to power in 1997.

It is thought the budget will have to include downwardly revised growth predictions, reflecting worsening economic conditions.

In last year's Pre-Budget Report, which was also delivered far later in the year than normal, the Chancellor said the UK's ecnomy would return to growth by the second half of this year. This is not a view held by many commentators.

As ever, we will keep you informed.

Watch this space.


The Tax Man said...

I'm very interested to know what the new growth forecast will be. Too optimistic, and it will be discredited and cause damage... if it's realistic it could talk down the economy. What a balancing act!

Alan Young said...

Very true. I think the Pre Budget Statement forecasts lacked credibility, due to over optimism, so it will be interesting to see if subsequent events and comments will have an impact on those predictions.

Alan Young said...

Surprise. Surprise. Chancellor admits he underestimated the recession:

Oooh. Steps back in amazement.


Another day another budget.