Tuesday, 24 March 2009

1st Addition Sign Up For Utility Warehouse Distributorship

As part of our drive to assist clients with the minimisation of their operating costs and, therefore, the maximisation of their profits, 1st Addition Accountancy have signed up for a distributorship with Utility Warehouse.

Utility Warehouse have won a whole range of awards in recent months, for both their prices and levels of customer support.

For example, The April edition of Which? magazine features a follow-up to the survey of energy suppliers they conducted last year.

The new survey has found that; "customer satisfaction with suppliers has got worse."

With one exception - the Utility Warehouse!

Utility Warehouse's customer satisfaction rating has actually increased - to an amazing 83%! The closest any of the 'Big 6' come to that is SSE - with just 53%, placing Utility Warehouse miles ahead of the oposition!
Utility Warehouse received:
  • billing accuracy: 5 stars!
  • clarity of bill: 5 stars!
  • customer service: 5 stars!
  • telephone support: 5 stars!
  • value for money: 5 stars!

This is a further improvement on the ratings achieved in the previous survey.

With Utility Warehouse, customers value taking the 'total package', not just their energy, but their phone and broadband too.

Once more, Which? spells it out: for service, value and all-round customer satisfaction, the Utility Warehouse is number one.

To find out more, and see how much you could save, why not give us a call, for free, on 0800 061 2441.