Sunday, 24 August 2008

HM Revenue & Customs Issue Notice of Frauds & Scams

Many people are currently in receipt of emails purporting to be from HM Revenue & Customs, and offering substantial rebates.

Although these emails appear to bear all the right logos and details, we should all be aware that they are fake, and, as with all such emails, we should never respond to an email that asks for personal information.

Whilst it is quite conceivable that HMRC may send out emails, from time to time, they would never do so requesting login names, passwords, bank and / or credit card details.

If you suspect you may have received one of these emails, under no circumstances should you follow any links within the mail, or disclose any of the information requested. Forward the mail to HMRC, at Although HMRC can't, obviously, reply to every email, it will help with the reduction of online fraud.

If you have reason to believe to suspect that your personal details have been stolen, you should report the incident to your Internet Service Provider, as they are able to close down sites that subsequently prove to be fraudulent.

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Their will always be frauds and scams.