Monday, 25 August 2008

HMRC Introduces Streamlined Tax Returns And Extended Penalties

The self-assessment tax return for self employed people who do not use an accountant has been simplified, with fewer questions and easier language.
Questions about less common types of income and reliefs have been moved to the Additional Information pages, whilst there is a new two-page form for more straightforward, smaller businesses, with turnover below £64,000.

Although online SA Tax Returns still need to be filed by 31 January, the deadline for paper returns has been shortened to 31 October.

What the Tax Man giveth, he also taketh away!

The 2008 Finance Bill has also extended penalties for the period from 1 April 2008 (due to be filed by 1 April 2009)

HMRC will charge penalties for documents containing careless or deliberate inaccuracies that lead to understatement of tax liabilities, a false or inflated statement of loss, or inflated claim for the repayment of tax. Their aim is to crack down on those who do not comply, whilst helping those who do.

They suggest that reasonable care should be taken when completing forms because errors will be penalised, and recommend that early disclosure of errors will reduce those penalties.

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Just another way to get more money out of taxpayers.