Sunday, 14 June 2009

New 2009 Tax Amnesty

What can I say? We've only just all surrendered our weapons in the latest knife amnesty, and now HMRC have re introduced the Tax Amnesty.

Announced in the 2009 Budget, there is one last chance to review any irregularities in your tax affairs, and take advantage of the new disclosure facility, before the window of opportunity closes in March 2010.

Although penalty rates have yet to be published, they are likely to be lower than under normal penalty legislation.

1 April this year saw the introduction of higher penalties for incorrect Tax Returns, making it even more important to assess any potential tax risks and, where appropriate, make a disclosure to HMRC.

An interesting decision then. Do we keep quiet and risk having both of our children seized and sold into slavery, or do we 'fess up and guarantee that only one child is sold?

The decision is yours....

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