Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Companies Act 2006, Introduces Complete Set of New Companies House Forms

From 1 October 2009, the Companies Act 2006 has introduced a set of new forms for conducting day to day company business.

These new forms cover everything from Annual Returns to changes in directors, registered office, accounting reference date etc.

Those of us familiar with the completion of a Form 363 (Annual Return) will now be doing so on a Form AR01. The original Form 288(a) (Appointment of Director / Secretary) has now been replaced by a Form AP01 (Director), AP02 (Appointment of Corporate Director), AP03 (Secretary) and AP04 (Corporate Secretary). (Good to see, another Government Department helping to simplify administration. Hmmmm).

A full list of the new Companies Act 2006 forms is available on the following link (including details of the original 2005 Act forms they are replacing).:

Full details of the new Companies Act implications can be found at:

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